Car Jump Starter
Car Jump Starter
Car Jump Starter
Car Jump Starter
Car Jump Starter
Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starter

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Battery Capacity

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Your car or truck’s battery will probably die at some point. Instead of relying on the goodwill of strangers, why not take matters into your own hands? 


Now there’s a reliable way to jump-start your car without having to flag someone down. 


With the power to jump-start 20 cars or trucks, you can be the one to help other people in need. 


 This little device even charges your cell phone or tablet and has a built-in flashlight!


The Car Jump Starter is the next-generation of rechargeable 4-in-1 multi-function power banks. 





  • More Jump-Starts Than You'll Ever Use: You can jump-start vehicles up to 5-liter gasoline and up to 3.5 liters diesel. Plus, the unit can be recharged up to 1,000 times. 
  • Charges Many Devices: If all the Car Jump Starter did was jump-start vehicles, it'd be a steal, but you're getting much more than that. It also acts as a portable power bank that can charge smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPS devices - or any device that uses  USB Type A, USB Micro B, or  Lightning Cable charging ports. 
  • Built-In Flashlight & Emergency Light: There's a powerful 120 lumens flashlight, a white S.O.S. signal light, and an emergency blinking red light built into the Pocket Jumper Pro.
  • Charges at Home or in Your Car: Charging the Pocket Jumper Pro is easy. You have two choices: charge it at home from a standard electrical outlet with a USB wall plug (not included) or charge it in your car with your Car Adapter Cord (included) that fits in your cigarette lighter socket. 
  • LCD Display: Easy to read display tells you how much battery life you have left in the Pocket Jumper Pro, plus, it tells you how much output voltage and your voltage range.  



Package includes:

-82800mAh Car Jump Starter * 1pc

4 in 1 cellphone connecting cable * 1pc

Laptop connecting cable * 1pc

Different Laptop Adapter Connector * 8pcs

Plug AC Power Adapter* 1pc

Car charger * 1pc

Battery clip * 1pc

User Manual (English) *1pc

Plastic box *1pc



Q: How to charge the starter?

A: When charging the starter, please turn the starter to the on position, plug it in and the red light will indicate it in a normal charging state. 


Q: Is it suitable for 24V cars?

A: Unfortunately it isn't, it has been designed to work mainly with 12V cars.


Q: How to switch voltage? 

A: The product has 3 voltages, double click the round button to switch the voltage.


Q: Want to charge a laptop? 

A: Try switching the voltage to 16V/ 19V.


Q: What kind of cars does the product work with?

A: It can support diesel engines with a displacement of less than 4.0 and gasoline engines with a displacement of less than 6.0


Q: How many times can you start your car per full charge? 

A: About 20 times.


Q: Do you attach it to your car the same as with normal jumping cables?

A: Yes.



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